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Small Dog Breeds

Great friends

Small dogs might be some of the greatest friends a person can have. Small dogs, just like all dogs, can be a great company and amazing friends at the same time that are ideal for living in a small house or an apartment. There are several situations in which a small dog breed would be a much better choice than a big one, such as for example, in case of wishing to avoid spending much money on dog food due to the fact that a small dog would eat much less than a big one, or in case of having small children in the family since they could handle a small dog much easily than a big one.

When to opt for one

There are some cases in which opting for a small dog breed is much better than choosing a big dog. One of the most evident situations in which a small dog would be the right option is when he would inhabit with the family within a small house or apartment. In this case, choosing a small dog breed is ideal not only for the family members, but for the dog as well, since a big dog would be unhappy due to the lack of space.

A small dog is also a great option for families who have small children. It would be less risky for children to play with a small dog than with a big one, although whatever the size of the dog is small children should never be left alone with him, and people should never forget that no matter how cute and nice the dog is, he is an animal and could have an unexpected reaction.

The Chihuahua

There is a great amount and variety of small dog breeds, and some of them can be easily found at most places. One of the most known small breeds is the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is actually said to be the smallest dog breed of all, and is a great choice for a small house as well as for a person who wishes to be able to easily carry his dog with himself.

Some of the most known ones

There are many different small dog breeds of different characteristics. Some of the most known small dog breeds are: Yorkshire terrier, poodle, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Miniature Schnauzer, and Miniature Bull among many others. Each one of these dog breeds have their own characteristics and peculiarities, and each person should find out which one would best suit their lifestyle before choosing, in order to make sure both the family and the dog would be happy together.

 Information about Dogs Information about Dogs

 Information about Dogs


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