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Saint Bernard Dog

Characteristics and appearance

Saint Bernards belong to the category of large dog breeds. They are working dogs who were originally used for rescue tasks. Saint Bernards might also be known as Bernhardiner, Saint Bernardshund or Alpine Mastif.

Although the coat of this dog breed is always dense, it can be of two types: smooth or rough. The colors usually are white with red, black, tan, or brown.


Saint Bernards usually are very friendly, patient, and obedient dogs. They also tend to be very intelligent and easy to train, and can be great with children. Due to their great size, it is recommendable to train them while they still are puppies.

Due to their size, Saint Bernards should not live in small houses or apartments, although they tend to be inactive indoors and having a yard where they can exercise can be a solution. They also need daily walks to prevent obesity and health problems. Also, they need fresh air and are not suitable for extreme hot weather conditions. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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