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Pomeranian Dog

An overview

Pomeranians are very graceful and smart small size dogs or toy dogs. Pomeranian dogs are often described as very loyal, friendly and protective animals, who don't require much feeding and can be very easy to care, although as any other breed, they enjoy playing and receiving attention, and should be taken to the veterinarian for check ups and controls in order to prevent health problems.

A physical description

Pomeranians are small, compact dogs, with medium size eyes, small ears, a rather short neck and a hairy tail counted among the most typical features of the breed. Pomeranians coat is densely covered with soft hair and present a wide variety of colors which might range between light brown, dark brown, black, white, orange, and pale blue.

Their temper

Pomeranian dogs offer some general characteristics which can be found at most animals of this breed. One of these characteristics shared among most Pomeranians is their amazing loyalty. Pomeranian dogs are often defined as extremely loyal and protective animals that can be great with children when properly trained. Besides this, Pomeranians also are very playful and enjoy sleeping a good amount of hours per day.

Despite of their size, Pomeranians tend to be very protective no matter what the size of their adversary might be, in such a way that many times they would not even fear facing a large dog. Pomeranians are very friendly and caring dogs, and when they are well trained they can be a great companion.

Some general aspects

Many times, it takes longer to a Pomeranian to be house-trained than other dog breeds, although with some patience this can be fully accomplished and they can become a great member of the family. Besides this, and due to their size, Pomeranian dogs are ideal for small houses or apartments since they don't need as much space to exercise as a larger dog would. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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