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Dogo Argentino Dog

General characteristics

The dogo argentino is a hunting and guardian large dog. This dog is also known as Argentine dogo or Argentinean Mastiff, and is characterized by its white color and muscular appearance. It's average weight ranges between 36 kg and 45 kg and its height ranges between 61 cm and 69 cm.

This dog breed was originated in Argentina during the 1920s. It has strong jaws, brown eyes, and usually a black nose. Its coat is short haired and white.


The dogo argentino usually is a very caring and loyal dog, and very protective of their territory and family. This dog breed also tends to be intelligent and easy to train, although sometimes they need firm commands.

Dogos can tend to be aggressive to other dogs or pets, although sometimes this can be prevented when the dog is raised with the other pet since it is a puppy. Due to their size, these dogs are not suitable for small apartments or houses. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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