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Teach a Dog Trick

Why to teach them

Dog tricks are fun not only for the teacher but for the dog as well. If you enjoy while teaching your dog a new trick and make sure he is having fun as well, learning a new trick can be a great way to have a nice time and allow your dog show everybody else how cute he can be. Dog tricks usually are a good way to establish or strengthen a bond between the dog and the person, but it is important to know how to teach them in order to receive good results and make sure both, the dog and the person are having a nice time while teaching-learning it.

Help your dog learning

While teaching your dog a new trick, it is very important to make sure of rewarding him each time he acts according to the trick you are teaching him. The easiest way to do this is by giving him small pieces of a food he likes. Another great way to communicate your dog he is doing the right thing is according to your voice tone, if you talk to him in a cheerful way, he will know you are happy for what he has done.


Practice is a key aspect at the time of teaching a dog a new trick. He will not learn it after you have taught him once or twice, but he will need you to repeat the action many times until he learns the trick. On the other hand, you should not repeat it too many times one same day, since then you and your dog would both become tired and bored of the trick.

Before teaching him

Before teaching your dog a new trick, it is very important to make sure you will be teaching him in the proper way and towards the right direction. If you do not know how to teach him a trick, you should ask for advice on it. Another thing you should always consider at the time of teaching your dog a trick is that he should be having fun with it, you should not teach your dog a trick which he does not enjoy.
 Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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