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Tips for Dog Training

A very important factor

Training your dog and establishing rules between you and him, is among the main factors you should have in mind once you adopt a dog. Training your dog regarding some basic behaviors, such as where to relieve himself or where to sleep, is necessary for you as well as for the dog, since it will not only allow you to live together in harmony but also it will help him feel better by learning he belongs to the family pack and he has a defined place in it.

A basic aspect

On of the most important things a person must know in order to train his dog is to reward him any time he does what he was expected to and at the moment he does it. Rewarding a dog for a correct action a while after he actually did it would be useless since he could not connect the reward with the past action. Therefore, it is very important to reward a dog at the moment of the correct action and not later.


It is very important to be patient at the time of training a dog since it will not show the desired results immediately but it will take a while and several repetitions in order for the dog to assimilate the desired behavior. If you reward your dog for a correct behavior only once or twice, that will not be enough for training him, but if you reward him several times after he shows the correct behavior then he will be able to connect the reward with the correct action and will repeat the correct action instead of another.

Your attitude

The attitude you show while training your dog is another main aspect in the training process. You must use a firm voice tone and your body language must transmit that you are controlling the situation. Dogs need a leader, and will not learn from a person who does not show leadership and is not a leader to them. Therefore, if you seem to be weak and use an insecure voice tone with him, you will not be able to achieve the same training results you will by showing him you are the leader.

 Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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