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What to Look for in a Dog Toy

which one is best for your dog?

There are as many different dog toys' styles and types as the imagination can allow us to think, and there surely is a good amount of them which would make your dog happy. How to choose the best one for him then? There are some tips that might be important to consider at the time of picking a dog toy up, and one of the most important ones is: let your dog tell you.

Your dog can let you know which one to choose

One of the most important things you should consider at the time of buying a dog toy is your dog's preferences. Each dog has his own personality and characteristics, and each one of them will have his toys preferences as well. You will easily notice this in the way he prefers playing with some specific objects rather than with others. This way, if you give him two toys, your dog will probably play with one of them more often than with the other, and by paying attention to such options you can start having a clear idea of which kind of dog toys he likes the most.

Have in mind your dog's health

Some dog toys can be more appropriate to your dog than others according to the incidence they could have on his health. For example, if it is a big dog, buying a very small toy or a small ball could be harmful due to the fact that he could actually swallow it or be choked with it. Another example of the way in which a dog toy can affect your dog's health is depending on the material it is made of. Ideally, dog toys should be made of a resistant and non toxic material; you should avoid common plastics since sometimes they contain toxic elements.

There also are some dog toys which are comestible. Although most of the times these toys are carefully elaborated in order not to hurt your dog, there are some dogs who are more delicate than others and do not digest these kind of comestible chewing toys properly. If you notice this is your dog's case, you should not give him such dog toys anymore. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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