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Cocker Spaniel


The cocker spaniel is a medium sized dog, but the smallest among the Sporting Group. This dog breed is characterized by having dark eyes which show a loving and cheerful expression, as well as pendulous ears. Their overall appearance makes them look as the happy and active dogs they are.

This dog breed has a compact body and a silky coat which usually is black, black and tan, silver, dark red, brown, cream, brown with tan spots, and parti-colored. This dog is agile and fast, as well as resistant and well balanced. Cocker spaniels are used as hunting companions helping the hunter to find the prey, as well as they are great family pets.

Personality and care

Cocker spaniels are cheerful, playful, sociable, and friendly dogs. This dog breed usually tends to be very active and in case of living in an apartment will require extensive daily walks to prevent health problems.

You should brush your cocker spaniel's coat on a regular basis as well as make sure his ears and eyes are always clean. You should ask a veterinarian for guidance on how to do this as well as for any other suggestions you might need to follow. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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