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Cat and Dog Living Together

A conflictive relationship

Cats and dogs are famous for their conflictive relationships and there are some reasons for it. Due to the fact that they belong to different species, their codes and body language is not the same and this causes them to misunderstand each other and then conflicts appear.

There are several ways in which cats and dogs express and communicate through their codes and body language differently from each other. Most of the times, dogs rise their paw willing to play, while cats rise it defensively and willing to hit the other, and therefore a dog could misunderstand this sign and try to play with the cat when he would actually hurt him. Another clear example of the difference between the codes of cats and dogs is the way in which cats wave their tales when they are angry while dogs do so when they are happy or willing to play, becoming a major misunderstanding among them.

Getting used to each other

Despite of the fact that cats and dogs show very different signals, codes, and body language, they can actually learn to understand each other and then live together without any major problems. This must be achieved slowly and carefully, preferably by following the advice from a professional, since a fight among a cat and a dog could cause a dangerous situation.

Enemies becoming friends

Cats and dogs can actually become good friends if they recognize each other's place in the family. Once they get used to each other and positions are clear, a cat and a dog can even play together and become good friends. Once a dog recognizes the cat as part of the family or part of the pack, he will respect the fact that he lives under the same roof, and although he might not become his friend, they could live together without any major problems. This does not always happen, and sometimes, depending on the cat and the dog's personality, a cat and a dog could find it impossible to live together, and therefore it is very important to be very careful at the time of introducing the new pet to the resident one. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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