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Bulldog Dogs


Some characteristics

Bulldogs usually are kind, courageous and determined dogs. They look strong and stable, with a compact and medium sized body with wide shoulders and solid limbs. They are renowned by the way in which the skin forms wrinkles in their face, causing them to seem as if they were frowning.

This dog breed is known to be very friendly, docile, and loyal. They usually are not aggressive and tend to have a very good temperament. This dog can adapt to different environments and can live in a house as well as in an apartment since it isn't a very energetic breed.

Care and health

Bulldogs don't require a great amount of special daily care. They tend to drool, so they might need to have their faces cleaned regularly. Pregnant bulldogs might need special attention since due to the size of their face these dogs often need to be born through caesarean.

Although bulldogs are not very energetic, they need to exercise daily in order to avoid overweight related problems. Although they can live in an apartment and without a yard, their owners should always try to take them for daily walks that help them exercise. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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