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Brittany Spaniel

Some typical characteristics

Brittany spaniels, also known as Brittany, Breton Espagneul, or Breton, belong to the group of pointing retrievers, and are a very beautiful and sociable medium size breed. A Brittany spaniel shows a not very dense coat, usually of brown-reddish color and white, although there are some Brittanies of black and white as well.

A description

There are some main physical characteristics we can name regarding Brittany spaniels. One of these main characteristics is given by their ears, which are of triangular shape and placed high. Also, they are characterized by a rather broad chest and soft coat as well as by a rather compact and agile general appearance. Their eyes are brown, although they might show a different color while they are puppies.

Their temperament

In general, Brittany spanielsí temperament is very sociable and they tend to be extremely active and intelligent. A Brittany spaniel needs to be close to their family and would show separation anxiety symptoms when left along for too long. This is a very sociable, active and playful breed; they need to play and be near people.

A puppy

While being a puppy, a Brittany would usually show a much higher hyperactivity than other puppies. This way, it is important for the new family to be ready for it and count with time for playing with him. This puppy will need a lot of you attention but will surely reward your efforts with a lot of love and tenderness.

Once your Brittany spaniel puppy comes home, you should take him to a veterinarian who can check him, give him any vaccinations he might need, and guide you on how to take care of him and feed him. No matter what the breed of a dog is, it is always recommendable to take your new puppy to a veterinarian and ask for professional guidance on how to properly take care of him.

General aspects

It is very important to remember the fact that Brittany spaniels are very active and therefore they will need to exercise and play every day. Brittanies usually are hyperactive and, if they do not have a space for playing and exercising, they will demonstrate their need for it by chewing, barking, and playing with almost anything they could find until you pay attention to them. This is a very cute and friendly breed ideal to those who wish to spend time and play with their dog. Information about Dogs

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