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Big Dog Breeds

Their temper

Most big dog breeds are characterized by being dogs of better temper than small dogs, turning them into a very friendly company for those who count on the necessary amount of space for keeping them and can spend important amounts of money on feeding them. A big dog breed can also be ideal in many different situations, such as when wishing to protect the house or when looking for assistance for handicapped

When to choose one

There are many situations in which choosing a big dog breed might be the right option. One of these situations is in case of needing the dog as a help for protecting the house and the family besides than being a company. Besides this, big dog breeds are ideal for being trained for several service and help purposes, such as for example guiding blind people or handicap assistance in general.

Some facts to keep in mind

There are some aspects which a person should be aware of before choosing their dog breed. A big dog breed implies much more expenses than a small one due to the simply fact that they eat much more. Besides this, it is also important to have in mind that a big dog might be more difficult to control and handle than a small one, and therefore it might not be so recommendable for interacting with children or old people unless they are trained for it. It is very important to be always aware of the fact that the dog should never be left alone with children or unknown people, no matter how nice temper the dog usually shows.

Some of them

There is a great list of big dog breeds and a wide variety of dogs with different characteristics. Some of the most known big dog breeds are: German Shepard, Collie, Boxer, Pointer, Golden Retriever, Dogo Argentino, Great Dane, Labrador, and Saint Bernard among many others. These dog breeds vary not only in physical characteristics but also in personality and temper, in such a way that some of them are characterized as being friendly, others as being energetic, others as being tranquil, and others as being very protective. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs

 Information about Dogs


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