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Beagle Dog

General characteristics

The beagle is a hound dog of middle size. The average weight of this dog ranges between 10 kg and 11 kg for males and between 9 kg and 10 kg for females. Their height ranges between 36 cm and 41 cm for males and between 33 cm and 38 cm for females.

This dog breed has a short coat which might be in several different colors, such as with light brown and black, light yellow and white, orange and white, black and tan, or red and white. They are characterized by having large eyes, usually brown.


Beagles are cheerful and energetic dogs. They tend to be very active and sociable, and tend to be great family dogs. This dog breed is also very sweet and caring. Despite of this, they also tend to be stubborn and determined, so they should be trained with patience.

This dog bread is very curious and loves following smells, so owners should be careful when they are without a leash since they could end up far away from them. This dog breed is very adaptable and can be suitable for living in a house or an apartment, although as with any other dog breed, daily walks would help them keeping in shape. Information about Dogs Information about Dogs Information about Dogs


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